WALL, N.J.--NJYP is so much more than a web design and online marketing firm. But first, here is their back up story!  
Thirty five years ago Robert Hankh was working his way through night school as a landscaper. In order to find customers Robert would create his own flyers and then go out placing them on cars and at homeowners doorsteps. Robert wanted to advertise with Yellow Pages but found it to be far too expensive, $400 to $600 per month, out of his range. At the time he had no idea about someday starting a marketing company of his own. 
What was in the forefront of Robert's interests was his dream of working in the field of Aero Space Technology. He landed his first job at GE Aerospace as an Aero Space technician where he worked for four years until eventually the company was sold out.
Robert had heard about a position at GES Internet which had advertised in the Princeton Packet. What this company did was experiment with and generate IT connections from colleges to colleges, initially Princeton University to Rutgers University, through the use of a primitive laboratory computer. Working on these projects for about four years gave Robert a glimpse of the future, long before AOL.  He was actually inspired to start his own internet company. His idea was to connect towns throughout NJ together online and have vendors of the towns connected to his online town websites for visibility to town residents.
In fact Robert continues to tell  www.NJnewjersey.com reporter that his own claim to fame at the time was that he hand-developed the first town website which was in Chester, NJ and then continued on to develop town websites for such communities as Bordentown, Hightstown, and Union. Some of the first events posted were such postings as PTA meetings, and basketball schedules. Eventually Robert was able to connect vendors to the website for exposure of their shops to the homeowners of the town and other local people who were utilizing the website. 
“ Soon AOL came along with their mass mailing.  And that was my cue to go into town vendor areas and introduce myself. I would speak to the vendors and tell them that this would be a viable way to get viewership and tell a story to homeowners close to you about your services via the town website.” So, Robert would introduce himself to the vendors and in this way brought on about 200 accounts.
“ Then along came 9/11 and that recession hit my customers very hard, the internet was not that well developed back then and I lost about 30 percent of my customers.” Robert knew he had to go into survival mode! “ I had to formulate a solid marketing strategy that was going to last and so I said to myself …… “why not connect my customer’s customer to my customer through the internet with valid permission marketing.””
It dawned on him that enough customers were going into the shops he was putting on to make it all worth while for the vendor. “ So what I would do is set up an email collector and then I would reconnect the customer to the customer’s website through the website and I was always asking them to please refer my customers links to neighbors, friends and coworkers.”
Another proud “Claim to Fame” for Robert is that he collected the very 1st valid local e-mail for use in permission marketing.
Permission based marketing turns out to be the lowest cost and most highly-effective form of advertising. “To this day it’s the anchor which makes our customers satisfied because we are reconnecting them to their clients so that their customers have the opportunity to send our customers' links to their neighbors, friends and coworkers.”
Robert explained it this way, “So, we have a bakery, a tuxedo shop and a car dealership all in the same town, not at all competing with one another but having a unique set of local emails that are valid. Then why not create a local directory which will be a benefit to all three businesses!”
Thus, Robert was able to create a local link for further viewership with a positive benefit to all his clients. “Between those two things:  valid permission marketing and local links,  my clients started to stay with me and I was growing my business quite successfully.”
“Beyond that, social media marketing came along, posting things of interest on local social networks which  further enhanced services (such as promos being given to customers) at a very competitive cost far less than any other traditional marketing. Again, our clients were quite happy with that.” 
“So now we have valid permission marketing, social networking,  local linking, organic SEO managed pay for click SEO, site management and high end website design,  which makes our company stand out far beyond our competition and positions  NJYP.com as the default company in NJ for high-end web design with a marketing plan attached to it. Beyond the social network, we also do online video and drone production. We call our complete package ‘Cyber Fusion’.” NJYP does all that with the focus on customer satisfaction at a far less cost than any traditional marketing company, magazine or newspaper ad. 
“A large percentage of our clients are with us for over 10 years and some over 20 years! We are now looking forward to joining forces with a public relations firm as well and  NJYP.com is considering going national. Through years of trial and error which we have been closely monitoring results to see what works and what doesn’t work and through time and effort we have been able to fine tune our game plan.” Robert continues. 
“The business has been so streamlined and fine tuned that it has become difficult for other businesses to compete with us. Results have been such that clients call us with testimonials such as "We have more than doubled their revenue since starting with our marketing program" Of course our testimonials are viewable on NJYP.com. "When  NJYP.com has explosive growth like that for our customer that’s the best testimonials we can possibly have.”
Jeana Yoon, Robert Hankh’s partner and wife,  who is originally from South Korea, is a computer programmer previously employed at ATT and IBM. Jeana describes herself as having grown up having an extremely strong work ethic, which is part of her culture. 
Together for over 15 years, Jeana and Robert have formulated and developed strategies for their company to grow, focusing on complete customer satisfaction, ensuring that all client needs are met in very quick time. Jeana controls all the project management systems with the staff, each of whom are highly specialized in specific areas. Jeana refers to the staff as the A TEAM, each member highly trained and specialized in specific areas to ensure all details are communicated clearly. NJYP is an agency that provides many different services under one company without outsourcing. That is very important, stated Jeana, “because we keep all communications and customer needs all linked up in one unit”. 
Robert and Jeana agree that their work is not work but rather satisfaction and joy! NJYP’s reputation stands on its own. In closing the interview, Robert summed up, “our best gratitude is that our retention rate is quite high for a client base of our size and our passion is to make sure our customers know we care about them, we do what we say we are going to do for them and we are at the right price point for them. With that, the business takes on a life of its own, as long as we follow very high ethical standards — that is what  NJYP.com prides itself on doing.”






Robert Hankh & Jeana Yoon is seen above



Written by Leah Brown Klein

Reported by David Douglas Brown








Tindall & Ranson: Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling

PRINCETON, N.J.--Since 1993, Tindall & Ranson has been providing the Greater Mercer County area with expert service in plumbing, heating, and cooling! Located in Central Jersey, they are dedicated to offering their customers expert, prompt, and courteous service to areas including Princeton, West Windsor, East Windsor, Robbinsville, Plainsboro, Pennington, Hopewell, Cranbury, Monroe, and Lawrenceville.

They offer a variety of different products from different manufacturers to ensure that every customer gets the right fit for their home. Their website gives a run-down of what services they provide so you can stay informed the whole way.

With a staff of 30 employees, including 16 technicians, this company is largely based on teamwork and tradition. Tindall & Ranson is a family of their own, helping families like yours! The owner and president of Tindall & Ranson, Kevin Tindall was named Contractor of the Year in Contractor Magazine!

If you check out their website, you can get a $25 coupon and a free estimate from their contract department. They also have a blog with tips to help the average homeowner, and information about a bunch of things relating to houses.

Have any questions? Visit their website or give them a call at 609-924-3434. You can also find them on Facebook or Twitter. Tindall & Ranson, Trust since 1993.


Proudly Servicing the Active Adult Communities!!!







The Ponds



 Please call us at 609-924-3434





Written By Leah Brown Klein







NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--When Scott Klein and his family became obsessed with FRUTTA BOWLS many different offerings, he jokingly realized it may be cheaper for him to purchase a franchise rather than continue his many trips to his local FRUTTA BOWLS location, and that’s just what he did.  Opening in April, FRUTTA BOWLS, located at the Shoppes in North Brunswick on Rt’s 1 and 130 has become a local favorite for everyone from students of North Brunswick High School to their parents and what appears to be folks from the local towns nearby.

Emerging from the mind of Howell resident Brooke Gagliano, CEO has brought her “industrial, nouveau chic” concept to life. After opening locations in Howell, Freehold and Marlboro, the North Brunswick franchise was opened by Klein and his partners, including Manager Mike Marceante. Marceante commented on the trends of the business day saying “We’ve become a “big hub” for people to meet, relax, to have fun and enjoy! We’re also getting a lot of people from New Brunswick because we have ample parking.”

So, what exactly is in a “FRUTTA  BOWLS” you ask? According to Klein “… it’s a quality whole food, healthy, super fresh drink or bowl with no pre-made high sugar content fillers, everything is all natural.” Marceante added  “The Acai we use is from a particular farm in South America,” Marceante continued, “…it’s 4 hours from farm to factory. No juice, no additives or sugar, just fruit and Acai. The Acai berry is a Brazilian berry akin to a blueberry, it comes to us flash frozen. It’s frozen because of its short life after being picked.” 

When asked what type of clientele they are seeing Klein said, “We’re really getting a diverse mix of traffic, everything from local teachers to business owners. Our free WiFi is something that is definitely a benefit to our customers.” In addition the large 2000 square foot shop has tables and chairs, there is also an area with a couch equipped with board games like checkers and Jenga blocks for you to “hang out and chill”, do work or simply enjoy your bowls and drink your smoothies.

Klein was asked about the new tilt towards a healthier way of life and what he thinks lies ahead with businesses like his. He answered with a smile saying, “The future is very bright, with the importance of being active and staying healthy, this is something we really are happy and proud to be a part of.”  Klein also mentioned that they do catering as well. “Whatever your event is, birthday parties, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Weddings and even Shivah Memorials, we will put something together for you.”

Give us a call 1-732-348-8882 for pick-up or catering

The Frutta Bowls shakes and bowls are Vegan friendly and can be served gluten free. They use no dairy products, they do however utilize the very healthy almond milk. I went to FRUTTA BOWLS on a very busy and sunny Monday afternoon. This www.NJnewjersey.com reporter had the VERY Pink, Pink Flamingo. A delicious concoction filled with Organic Pitaya, honey, banana, pineapple mango and sweetened almond milk.  I may be addicted, my guess is you will to. FRUTTA BOWL is excited to announce a few menu additions incorporating artisan toasts and coffee as well…








By David Douglas Brown

News Reporter


Written By Butch Seltzer









NORTH BRUNSWICK N.J.—Santhigram Wellness - Kerala Ayurveda - with centers here in New Jersey and throughout the United States, UK and in New Delhi, India, is a comprehensive authentic Kerala Ayurveda practice which offers Ayurvedic consultations, wellness therapies, management strategies for one’s health issues, and even beauty therapies.

The  mission of Santhigram is to advocate and propagate the holistic science of Ayurveda within a system of healthcare and wellness, therefore making it part of the mainstream health and wellness option in the USA and the World. The opening of the mid-town Manhattan Center, in the heart of the Financial Capital, is soon to be followed by their first Center on the West Coast in Fremont, California in November 2018. With the on-boarding of the two new Centers, Santhigram will be on course with its expansion plans for this year and will have further enhanced its position as the Premier and National Ayurveda Company in the USA to offer its specialized services and therapies to a good section of the population with holistic, non-invasive, and drug free therapies.

Santhigram Kerala Ayurveda is a pioneer in the Kerala Specific Ayurvedic and Panchakarma Therapies to alleviate various ailments. Additionally, Santhigram provides specialized proprietary treatments for the management of chronic health problems related to stress and depression, muscular-skeletal disorders, life style disorders, and Rehabilitative care for Geriatric clients. Santhigram's Chief Consultant, Dr. Ambika Nair, (seen above right) respected world-wide in Ayurveda and co-host of the health and wellness television program on TV Asia, "AYURVEDAMANTRA ", will be available for Consultation at the Manhattan Center on an appointment basis.

Dr. Gopinathan Nair, Founder, President and CEO of the Company, (seen above left) is very optimistic and excited about the company’s upcoming launch of the Ayurveda Wellness Center in the heart of New York City, where the demand for Yoga and Ayurvedic therapies are very high among the targeted demographic profile the company plans to address. “Ayurveda Wellness Regimes at Santhigram can be of much value for those clients in New York City experiencing office fatigue syndrome and stress due to fast paced executive work and life styles,” interjected Dr. Gopinathan during a recent interview.    

In addition to the two new centers in New York City and Fremont, California, Santhigram, in its second decade, has ambitious plans to open another 100 Centers in all the major metropolitan hubs of the nation, along with Ayurvedic wellness villages in partnership with the Native American Indian Communities. “We wish to take this opportunity to welcome and express our gratitude to all our patrons on this wonderful of occasions and look forward to your continued support and patronage and request you to await regular updates as we make progress,” stated Dr. G. Nair.

Taken from Sanskrit, Ayur means life and longevity, and Veda means knowledge or science. Ayurveda Wellness is about balance, living in a natural and harmonious state. Practiced for more than 5000 years, Ayurveda is the traditional natural healing system of India.  Santhigram is committed to helping people become aware of and embrace Ayurvedic And Holistic Medicine and therapies in order to promote balance of body, mind and soul. Ayurvedic therapies are non-invasive and are most helpful to those suffering from many different health issues including but not limited to allergies of all kinds, autoimmune diseases, Lyme’s Disease, arthritis, stress and anxiety related issues, skin problems, sleep disorders and skeletal- muscular back and or neck pain without the use of pain medication.

Dr. Gopinathan Nair discussed with our  www.NJnewsjersey.com & www.NYnewsyork.com reporters how our bodies accumulate toxins due to food habits, life style, and environment. It is important to detoxify our bodies through an Ayurvedic detoxification process known as Panchakarma. Panchakarma consists of five cleansing type treatments which will eliminate many of the toxins in our bodies. While Panchakarma is prominent in the culture of India, Dr. Nair expressed how he saw the need more and more for Holistic, Ayurvedic and Panchakarma here in the United States.

Dr. Ambika Nair, highly regarded Holistic Physician as well as Chief Consultant, is following in the footsteps of her father, an Ayurvedic physician in Kerala, India. Dr. Ambika has a wealth of training, degrees and certifications as well as over 25 years of experience in the areas of Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Bach Flower Remedies, Siddha, Naturopathy and Yoga. In India, Dr. Nair was physician to the former President of India, Dr. K.R. Narayanan.

Dr. Ambika Nair explained to the www.NJnewjersey.com reporter that she can tell much about a person’s health by monitoring the pulse. Your pulse is the signal of life in your body and Dr. Nair, by taking a “pulse reading”, or Nadi Pariksha , can ascertain certain detailed information about a person’s mental and physical health. Once Dr. Nair makes her comprehensive  diagnosis, she will recommend what preventive steps and courses of action are to be taken, which could include various Ayurvedic treatments, yoga and exercise, herbal supplements and essential oils, massage and body work therapy and more. Treatments can vary accordingly and also can compliment traditional Western medical therapies.

Not only does Santhigram Wellness offer Holistic and Ayurvedic diagnostics and comprehensive treatments, but in addition the Santhigram Wellness Centers house The Santhigram School of Ayurveda and Massage. The school offers a 500 hour massage and body work program which incorporates coursework in Ayurveda leading students to obtain their NJ License in Massage Therapy. Medical practitioners such as Occupational and or Physical Therapists as well as traditional health and or nutritional coaches should consider taking classes at the school in order to enhance their own knowledge and add value to their own practices.  


Santhigram Corporate Office

is located at

1503 Finnegans Lane

North Brunswick, NJ 08902




(Edison-Oak Tree Rd.)

1700 Oak Tree Road

Edison, NJ 08820

(Next to Apna Bazar, Sugar Tree Plaza)




Suite #106 

22 Old Short Hills Road

Livingston, NJ 07039










Reported Story By

David-Douglas Brown


Written By

Leah Brown Klein


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