SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--The official title of the award named for my late brother Richie (June 8, 1960 - December 18, 1998) is the Dr. Richard J. Zinsmeister Memorial Award, for Academic and Athletic Excellence & Community Service. It goes to one student--male or female--who plays a sport or sports at the varsity level, who is also a very good student, and who is involved in the school's service culture in some way or another. The student could be--and often is--someone on student council; however, it could also be a club leader or someone who has been recognized for public service within or beyond the school. - Jim Zinsmeister
Congratulations to this year's recipient, ✨Ms. Ryley O'Brien✨! 
1999: Erin Sterenson / Brett Tanzman
2000: Kevin Earl / Valerie Miller
2001: Jad Duca / Kelly O'Toole
2002: Tess Barton / Ian Schwartz
2003: Mike Schutz / Danielle Eige
2004: Pam Weiss / Matt Ruffalo
2005: Tewodros Polk / Stefanie Sframeli
2006: Tyler Chromey / Rasika Chandrasekar
2007: Erica Brokaw / Michael Mariano
2008: Rachel Gurney / Jeffrey White
2009: Teresa Ha / James Kugel
2010: Navneet Goswami / Abby Weingarten
2011: Marguerite Boyle / Nicholas Ciabattone
2012: Ian Moritz / Casey Armstrong
2013: Tessa Trach / Shekar Murugunathan
2014: Kristin Cavorley / Scott Dunleavy
2015: Harrison Kudwitt / Leean Panconi
2016: Meghan Foley / Tyler Sanders
2017: Josh Liao / Nina Trach
2018: Matthew Ryan 
2019: Zayna Jawed / Sahil Pesari
2020: Jillian Ryan
2021: Joseph Carlson
2022: Ryley O'Brien


EDISON, NJ-- Brian Milton was working on his patio and backyard. He wanted to power wash the patio pavers. His neighbor offered to lend Brian his power washer, showed him how to use it and Brian started to power wash the backyard. “The next thing you know I just fell in love with the whole process of seeing the transformation of the brick pavers! “

And that’s how it all began! Brian stated that he is a Pisces and Pisces love water! “My new career was born in July 2021! My neighbor could not believe how I created this incredible business named  Powerwashing U just from that one day of him offering up his power washer!”

Brian purchased all the equipment which included 2 power washers, ancillary equipment and the truck! He is advertising his new business on NEXTDOOR, a free app! See my LINK on NEXTDOOR !!!

Brian has moved on to power washing houses, decks, patios, fences, and more! Brian’s first job was in Jackson Township at the home of a friend. The residence was basically a cabin with a large two level deck. Brian power washed the double decker deck and then came back the next day to paint the entire deck! His friend was elated with how it all turned out! And that is how his business began to thrive!

Brian now offers deck assessments to make sure the decks are safe, make all improvements, pre treat with cleaning solutions as needed and power wash the deck. After that Brian will paint and or stain the deck,  and the house as well  depending on the client’s preferences! Brian also will treat, power wash pool areas and driveways!

The slogan for Power Washing U is “We Will Make Your Property Look LIKE New AGAIN!”.

Brian is very excited and enthusiastic about his new venture, especially since there is a need and desire for New Jersey home and business owners to beautify their properties! Brian has received many accolades from his customers, especially in the central New Jersey area. Clients have thanked Brian over and over again, commenting on his “meticulous and thorough” work, making certain everything is perfect before he leaves! Brian also brings a positive and fun energy along with his enjoyable sense of humor to the job!

Brian grew up in Edison, New Jersey and is a graduate of JP Stevens High School. Brian graduated from Montclair State University.  Brian loves soccer, is an avid and highly competitive athlete. Brian still loves to play DISC Golf as well with his friends! Brian, the sole proprietor of his business Powerwashing U , enjoys traveling to mostly any area of New Jersey! Brian also works closely with realtors who rely on Brian to power wash anything and everything on these properties to prepare for open houses and property staging.


Check out Brian’s website for more information! www.powerwashingU.com 


Welcome to Windsor Dermatology

Center of Excellence!

We fulfill patient expectations by passionately delivering on our promises.

Our vision at Windsor Dermatology is to be a model practice which promotes outstanding patient care and advances medical knowledge while enriching the lives of its employees and the surrounding community.

We are conveniently located near; Princeton, Robbinsville, Somerset, Newtown, East Brunswick, Bordentown, and more.

Mission Statement

Healthy skin via outstanding patient care and cutting edge research in a patient centered environment.

– Windsor Dermatology.

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SOUTH AMBOY, NJ--E&G Exterminators is a well established business owned by Edward Gorczynski since 1984. It's currently located in South Amboy at 122 N. Broadway. Edward started exterminating with his dad in schools and assisted living facilities. Then he started to branch out on his own and opened up E&G Exterminators. Edward started his own business with only one employee today he has 40 employees that consists of salesmen and technicians. He has around 25 to 30 work trucks out everyday doing business with all types of companies and residential customers. Edward has all of his employees licensed and certified. Its Spring!!! We are scheduling appointments for termites, carpenter ants, carpenters bees and your general pest/insects with the spring season in mind. A sales person comes to your home within 24 hours of the initial phone call to give you a free estimate of the work. Every home should be inspected for pests, old or new. All services are guaranteed with the warranty for up to a year. When buying new construction property the home inspector would suggest a termite inspection. E&G Exterminators have been servicing the community for years and are recommended for termite inspections. Commercial work they do consists of apartment complexes, hospitals, stores, schools, mall, etc. Some of them require weekly or biweekly appointments with their technicians. This is all written up in the initial proposal. They also take care of skunks, rats and mice issues, they seal up all the areas in the residential home or commercial areas so the animals have no way of entering. E&G Exterminators have a stellar reputation throughout the community in solving all pest issues that you may encounter. Edward Gorczynski is very personable and people gravitate towards his friendly demeanor and great knowledge in his profession. Many of his customers have been with him since day one and they have their properties checked annually. Edward and his sales associates would be glad to answer any of your exterminating questions. Please feel free to call them at 1-800-564-6368 and visit their website at www.egexterminator.com