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New Jersey, October 4th, 2023 -- Natalia was living in an apartment for 2 years until August 2023. Then, when she realized with several finance changes and the economy blowing up, she needed to move back to her parent's home so she could gain her bearings. Natalia has a Bachelor's in Game Design and is in school for Video Game Programming using Unity and C# under the program GameDevHQ. She recently just opened up her start-up company called Star Force Games and is looking to break into the gaming/tech industry.

When she moved in completely to her parent's home, she noticed she started feeling unwell and with each passing day, the symptoms got worse. The symptoms started out as shakiness, severe insomnia, chest tightness, and brainfog. On the 5th morning, she experienced heart palpitations for the first time in her life and she knew she had to evacuate. She was hauling her things as quickly as she could and was experiencing trouble breathing. Feeling distraught and bewildered, she asked, "what could this be?"

Natalia has healed several illnesses and worked in holistic healthcare settings and has gained a lot of vital connections. She heard of an EMF (electromagnetic fields) Specialist who could help her.

The EMF/Environmental Specialist found hazardous levels of radiation in the home. Natalia and her family are working to get these dangerous issues resolved but they need all the help they can get! The solutions are take much time and are financially-consuming.

Currently and for the past 2 months, Natalia has been living at a friend's place and sleeping on the floor. Her credit cards are nearing their caps and she has been persevering the best that she can to get several issues remedied. Natalia just walked away from a very toxic job environment where she was also not feeling well so she is scrambling for a job right now.

Please visit Natalia's GoFundMe page to learn more. Please share this story with everyone you know to spread awareness of EMF sensitivity and to help a girl have a home!

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About FuDog Group: FuDog Group is a leading provider of world-class community strategic implementation and results-driven transformation. With a commitment to empowering individuals to unlock their true potential, FuDog Group strives to create a global network of empowered individuals who are living their most powerful lives.



SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--The official title of the award named for my late brother Richie (June 8, 1960 - December 18, 1998) is the Dr. Richard J. Zinsmeister Memorial Award, for Academic and Athletic Excellence & Community Service. It goes to one student--male or female--who plays a sport or sports at the varsity level, who is also a very good student, and who is involved in the school's service culture in some way or another. The student could be--and often is--someone on student council; however, it could also be a club leader or someone who has been recognized for public service within or beyond the school. - Jim Zinsmeister
Congratulations to this year's recipient, ✨Ms. Ryley O'Brien✨! 
1999: Erin Sterenson / Brett Tanzman
2000: Kevin Earl / Valerie Miller
2001: Jad Duca / Kelly O'Toole
2002: Tess Barton / Ian Schwartz
2003: Mike Schutz / Danielle Eige
2004: Pam Weiss / Matt Ruffalo
2005: Tewodros Polk / Stefanie Sframeli
2006: Tyler Chromey / Rasika Chandrasekar
2007: Erica Brokaw / Michael Mariano
2008: Rachel Gurney / Jeffrey White
2009: Teresa Ha / James Kugel
2010: Navneet Goswami / Abby Weingarten
2011: Marguerite Boyle / Nicholas Ciabattone
2012: Ian Moritz / Casey Armstrong
2013: Tessa Trach / Shekar Murugunathan
2014: Kristin Cavorley / Scott Dunleavy
2015: Harrison Kudwitt / Leean Panconi
2016: Meghan Foley / Tyler Sanders
2017: Josh Liao / Nina Trach
2018: Matthew Ryan 
2019: Zayna Jawed / Sahil Pesari
2020: Jillian Ryan
2021: Joseph Carlson
2022: Ryley O'Brien