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KENILWORTH, N.J.--Did you pay too much taxes last year? How would you know that you’re receiving the best advice and tax preparation possible?

Are you aware that the IRS gives millions of dollars in tax breaks?

Are you starting a business? Do you know what to do to ensure proper and legal set-up procedures?

Are you aware of all the components of the New Section 199A Business Income Deduction, in addition to the new tax provisions?

These are complicated questions for both individuals and corporations.

Accurate Tax and Financials is your partner and solution for all things associated with tax, business formation, and understanding all the new 2018 provisions for both individuals and corporations.

New to the market, and yet ingrained in the local community by acquisition, Accurate Tax and Financials is ready for their Grand Opening in their new space at 585 N. Michigan Avenue in Kenilworth, NJ. Due to its close proximity to the Garden State Parkway and Route 22, this location is extremely accessible with ample amount of parking.

Accurate Tax and Financials is growing and expanding a pre-existing tax company, and have retained some of the most recognized and highly regarded experts. Together, they welcome new customers while continuing to serve a pre-existing customer base.

 A year-round service, Accurate Tax and Financials is available to you beyond the traditional tax season (which starts attentively January 28, 2019 by the way).

 “Wait…What? January 28 tentatively starts tax season??? How can I possibly be ready by then?”

That’s the question that Dwight Russell, Owner of Accurate Tax and Financials gets quite often.

“Both business and individuals are impacted with the tax code changes this year,” says Mr. Russell. “My team and I utilize the knowledge we received from continuing education to facilitate the appropriate tax implications. We make it effective and efficient!!

And fast, too. While most agencies offer a (5) day turnaround period, Accurate Tax and Financials offers an expedited (3) day service from the time our office receives your completed tax documents. No matter where you are throughout the nation, you can access their website for full details and a secure portal to upload your financials, or simply call their knowledgeable associates. They’ll talk you through the preliminary process and procedure to upload your tax documents. When it’s all finished, receive your taxes via email for e-signing, or drop by to pick them up.

Business owners also reach out to Mr. Russell and his team for consulting advice on setting up a new venture. “Your network is your net worth, with entrepreneurship being on the rise. We know the inside information to ensure you’re compliant and ready for success.” Their clients are so satisfied that they readily offer word-of-mouth referrals.

No matter what your situation: local or national; individual or corporate, their full staff provides nationwide service and drop-off service options. Their tax practitioners work with you at their office or your work site. Now that’s smart…and efficient.

Yes it is. Dwight’s background in tax firm management and consulting resulted in some sharp efficiency innovations and solutions. Those very solutions provide the backbone for Accurate Tax and Financials.  

Here at your doorstep is a great service with large tax firm experience in New Jersey-specific arenas including rental properties, business entities formations, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax planning. Their vision can take you to the next level. Their next steps include building a global expansion team, targeting other states throughout the eastern seaboard.

So while you are looking forward to enjoying your holidays, Mr. Russell and his associates at Accurate Tax and Financials are preparing to make your 2018 tax filings stress-free.

 “In short, we make taxes less taxing!”

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585 North Michigan Ave. Kenilworth, New Jersey 07033

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SECAUCUS, N.J.--Exhibit and visit the 5th Annual World of the Latino Cuisine Trade Show 2018, El Mundo de la Cocina Latina at the Meadowlands Expo Center! It provides a dynamic venue where Latino food producers, both domestic and international, exhibit their offerings for the ever-growing Hispanic marketplace. The show features exhibits, educational workshops, culinary demonstrations by International celebrity chefs, and much more...

The annual food and beverage trade event includes the participation of domestic food manufacturers, producers, and distributors. Importers from the Caribbean and many Latin American countries also participate as exhibitors, with almost 200 in attendance. Enterprises from Mexico, Ecuador, Canada, Perú, Puerto Rico, Brazil, and Cuba will be present at the show. Over 15 Countries will be represented!

Buyers and merchandisers, distributors, small- and medium-sized specialty food stores, regional chains, caterers, restaurants, independents, and bodegas are all expected to attend. Exhibit categories include frozen foods, groceries, organic products, dairy, beverages, and, in addition, non-food products. With more than 2,000 foodservice industry operators expected to attend, sponsors expect the show to be even bigger than last year.

Americans spend 4 percent of their disposable incomes eating out in restaurants, and 70% eating at home. In an exclusive interview with www.NJnewjersey reporters the show's manager William Colon mentions “If we just extrapolate that for the 4 percent and apply it to the $2.1 trillion dollars, the Latino market just for food and beverage is between $200 and $240 billion dollars,”  Even more enticing, the market continues to grow 5 percent or more each year!



NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J.--On Saturday, September 29, 2018 a very special event to celebrate National Recovery Month will be held at Babbage Park, North Brunswick, NJ from 3:00pm to 8:00pm hosted by the Antonia Maria Foundation. Antonia Maria Montalvo, the founder of the Antonia Maria Foundation, is herself someone who has struggled with substance abuse and the terrible loss of her cousin Leo Milito from a drug overdose. Antonia’s last recovery, which was in California where spirituality was the focus of her treatment, is the one that brought her out of the darkness.

Now Ms. Montalvo has made it her life’s mission to help women who are at-risk to find their own path to recovery. Ms. Montalvo is the executive director of Gracie’s House, which provides sober living structured temporary housing and a multitude of support services for women, is located in North Brunswick, NJ. Gracie’s House and Ms. Montalvo’s organization’s purpose is to honor those who are in recovery and to help women to find their own sense of power and energy in the healing process. Ms. Montalvo told www.NJnewjersey.com reporter that through her spiritual practice she was able to find the power within herself to heal her own body.

Antonia Maria Foundation offers women the opportunity to clear out emotional stress and past traumas through such disciplines as meditation, Reiki, yoga, spiritual and intuitive healing, weekly workshops and support groups as well as developing and or enhancing life skills and a host of other resources. Through meditation is what brought Antonia Maria Montalvo to the purpose she found to open a house for women who are experiencing trauma, learn to release their trauma, not push it down and to heal and empower themselves. Through her journey, Ms. Montalvo opened her foundation two years ago and Gracie’s house one year and six months ago.

What makes Antonia Maria Foundation so successful is the idea that each client’s recovery program is unique and individualized. Ms. Montalvo acknowledges that people heal in different ways and focus is on personalized recovery through a variety of modalities and wellness strategies such as self-exploration, shamanism, yoga breathing and meditation as well as spiritual awakening.

Ms. Montalvo is grateful to her family for their transparency and especially her Director of Operations, Meredith DeGironimo whom has been a tremendous help! Ms. Montalvo has learned to surround herself with an abundance of people who support her and her passion of providing a safe place for women in recovery. Ms. Montalvo has also experienced a deep personal loss when her cousin, Leo Milito, recently passed away from a drug overdose.

On September 29th, she is hoping for people to gather together to honor and celebrate those in recovery as well as encourage addicts to seek help and find their path to recovery, whatever that path may be. Ms. Montalvo’s message is “never ever give up!”. Please join Antonia Maria Montalvo and her foundation team on September 29th in Babbage Park, North Brunswick to celebrate National Recovery Month and learn more about this wonderful and important resource for women to break from addiction and stigma. Antonia Maria will be supplying candles or feel free to bring your own for a candlelight vigil and also to bring photographs of those who have lost their lives to addiction and or to those who still are struggling with addiction. “Recovery is possible and change is beautiful.” Everyone is welcome.


Please check out Antonia Maria Foundation at www.antoniamariafoundation.org

And or call 888-633-2693

For More Information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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SOUTH BRUNSWICK, N.J.--Dr.Suresh Babu spent much time and energy creating his logo for his practice, Innovative Physical Therapy and Fitness Center, which represents his commitment to hands on caring of each and every patient. His objective is to present patients with the reassurance that he is treating not just athletes and or those who are sports minded  but people of all ages including the elderly. Dr. Babu whose clients often times call him “  Dr. Innovative “, is highly trained in spine rehabilitation and manipulation, peripheral joint mobilization, fascia realignment and techniques that are unique to his practice.

Dr. Suresh Babu had aspirations to become a pilot and perhaps a director in the entertainment business.

Suresh‘ s parents were not happy about these notions and hoped he would become a doctor. At some point, Suresh, who always loved sports and he himself played center on a volleyball team, began to lean towards a career in sports physical therapy, now evolving into his own innovative physical therapy practice.

Dr. Babu is a Board Certified Physical Therapist with over 14 years’ experience. While his practice is all inclusive, servicing all ages and conditions, there are some things that make his practice unique. One way in which Dr. Babu’s practice is unique is that Dr. Babu treats spinal conditions, often not considered in a physical therapy practice. Dr. Babu’s practice is not one where the patient comes in, does some exercises and massage, and then leaves.

Rather, Dr. Babu, aside from the more traditional physical and occupational therapies, incorporates innovative techniques such as Robotic Physical Therapy, Redcord Neurac Zero Gravity Therapy, Graston Technique, and Kinesio Taping Methods.

What is Robotic Physical Therapy? The patient wears the AlterG Bionic Leg which provides an initiated motor assist during sit to stand exercises, over ground walking and stair climbing.

What about Redcord Neurac Zero Gravity Therapy? By using slings and bungee cords, the patient is able to perform exercises in a “zero-gravity” environment.

The Graston Technique allows the therapist to introduce a controlled amount of micro trauma into a specific area, invoke an inflammatory response which will augment the healing process.

Dr. Babu also is trained in using the Kinesio Taping Method which applies Kinesio Tape in a specific manner to create change in the circulatory, lymphatic, neural, muscular systems as well as the joints.

Suresh Babu is a Doctor of Physical Therapy graduating from the  MGH Institute of Health Professions, a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, and holds a Masters of Science in Orthopedics and Sports Physical Therapy from Quinnipiac University. His goal with all his patients is to provide each person with the highest standard of care and cutting-edge techniques that can maximize the body’s ability to move, heal and perform at an optimal level.

Dr. Babu has opened his new center at 3562 Route 27 Suite 124 in Kendall Park, South Brunswick Township, while maintaining his second site in Edison, NJ. The new site will be more of a gym setting incorporating over 5000 square feet.

Check out Dr. Suresh Babu’s comprehensive website www.innovativeptnj.com as well as call today to make an appointment at one of two locations:





1199 Amboy Avenue, Suite 5F

Edison NJ 08837







New Location!

3562 Route 27

Suite 124

Kendall Park, South Brunswick Township, NJ 08824










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