New research studies demonstrate that dancing may help people who have Parkinson’s Disease

In the following ways:

  • Builds confidence and improves balance
  • Builds muscle strength and endurance
  • Improving ability to walk
  • And overall movement ability
  • And quality of life!!!!!

After researchers studied the benefits of Dance for PD classes in patients with idiopathic Parkinson’s Disease, it was determined that through exercise, camaraderie and the simple joy

Of movement, dance classes are an effective way to end feelings of depression, isolation and  inactivity that all too often define those living with PD.

( Journal of Neural Transmission and Scientific American )

You can read more about this study and others by accessing the website


The website reaches out to those who have Parkinson’s Disease, their families, and care partners by  providing a wealth of information and resources.

The nearest programs in the Mercer, Middlesex, and  Somerset County are listed on the website in addition to Dance for Parkinson’s at Capital Health Medical Centers in Hamilton and


The professional dance instructors at Capital  Health are Linda Mannheim and Debra Keller, highly trained through the Mark Morris Dance Group/Dance for PD Program in Brooklyn, NY. Live music is incorporated in the classes!

For more information, visit the website and or call Capital Health Medical Center at 609-537-7157 and ask for Victoria Pena-Cardinali.




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