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1.  Twitter statement admissible in criminal trials...
      Defendant was charged with hitting the victim in the face with her shoe. At trial, the State introduced a screenshot taken by the victim of a "tweet" allegedly posted by defendant after the incident saying "shoe to ya face." Defendant argues that this Twitter posting was improperly admitted into evidence, citing a Maryland case requiring that such social media postings must be subjected to a greater level of authentication. The Appellate Division rejects that contention, holding that New Jersey's current standards for authentication are adequate to evaluate social media postings. Under those standards, it was not an abuse of discretion to admit the tweet based on the presence of defendant's photo and Twitter handle, its content containing information specific to the parties involved, and its nature as a reply to the victim's communications. A-5741-14T3 This article was contributed to www.NJnewjersey.com from Kenneth Vercammen Attorney at Law

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