200*200Sunfish Pond

Sunfish Pond is a 44 Acre glacial lake surrounded by 258 acres of hardwood forest within Worthington State Forest adjacent to Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area in Warren County. The Appalachian trail runs alongside the western and Northern edges of the lake. My friend did this hike again yesterday with an extra mile to throw in. The Temperature peaked 99 Degrees F and you must be careful with just hiking in such extreme heat. Nice to see Turkeys and Vultures and a Peregrine Falcon, Blue Jays and a White Tailed Deer. Also, keep an eye for Skunks and Snakes specifically the Eastern Ribbon. Bears are known to show up but they would be most likely trying to relax in such extreme heat. Its about 10.5 miles of hiking. Other snakes you may see is the Copperhead, Timber Rattlers as well. Bobcats are know and have been spotted. The first lot holds about 12 cars and the second lot holds as many as 40 cars. Enjoy!

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