SOUTH BRUNSWICK, NJ--The official title of the award named for my late brother Richie (June 8, 1960 - December 18, 1998) is the Dr. Richard J. Zinsmeister Memorial Award, for Academic and Athletic Excellence & Community Service. It goes to one student--male or female--who plays a sport or sports at the varsity level, who is also a very good student, and who is involved in the school's service culture in some way or another. The student could be--and often is--someone on student council; however, it could also be a club leader or someone who has been recognized for public service within or beyond the school. - Jim Zinsmeister
Congratulations to this year's recipient, ✨Ms. Ryley O'Brien✨! 
1999: Erin Sterenson / Brett Tanzman
2000: Kevin Earl / Valerie Miller
2001: Jad Duca / Kelly O'Toole
2002: Tess Barton / Ian Schwartz
2003: Mike Schutz / Danielle Eige
2004: Pam Weiss / Matt Ruffalo
2005: Tewodros Polk / Stefanie Sframeli
2006: Tyler Chromey / Rasika Chandrasekar
2007: Erica Brokaw / Michael Mariano
2008: Rachel Gurney / Jeffrey White
2009: Teresa Ha / James Kugel
2010: Navneet Goswami / Abby Weingarten
2011: Marguerite Boyle / Nicholas Ciabattone
2012: Ian Moritz / Casey Armstrong
2013: Tessa Trach / Shekar Murugunathan
2014: Kristin Cavorley / Scott Dunleavy
2015: Harrison Kudwitt / Leean Panconi
2016: Meghan Foley / Tyler Sanders
2017: Josh Liao / Nina Trach
2018: Matthew Ryan 
2019: Zayna Jawed / Sahil Pesari
2020: Jillian Ryan
2021: Joseph Carlson
2022: Ryley O'Brien

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