SOUTH AMBOY, NJ--E&G Exterminators is a well established business owned by Edward Gorczynski since 1984. It's currently located in South Amboy at 122 N. Broadway. Edward started exterminating with his dad in schools and assisted living facilities. Then he started to branch out on his own and opened up E&G Exterminators. Edward started his own business with only one employee today he has 40 employees that consists of salesmen and technicians. He has around 25 to 30 work trucks out everyday doing business with all types of companies and residential customers. Edward has all of his employees licensed and certified. Its Spring!!! We are scheduling appointments for termites, carpenter ants, carpenters bees and your general pest/insects with the spring season in mind. A sales person comes to your home within 24 hours of the initial phone call to give you a free estimate of the work. Every home should be inspected for pests, old or new. All services are guaranteed with the warranty for up to a year. When buying new construction property the home inspector would suggest a termite inspection. E&G Exterminators have been servicing the community for years and are recommended for termite inspections. Commercial work they do consists of apartment complexes, hospitals, stores, schools, mall, etc. Some of them require weekly or biweekly appointments with their technicians. This is all written up in the initial proposal. They also take care of skunks, rats and mice issues, they seal up all the areas in the residential home or commercial areas so the animals have no way of entering. E&G Exterminators have a stellar reputation throughout the community in solving all pest issues that you may encounter. Edward Gorczynski is very personable and people gravitate towards his friendly demeanor and great knowledge in his profession. Many of his customers have been with him since day one and they have their properties checked annually. Edward and his sales associates would be glad to answer any of your exterminating questions. Please feel free to call them at 1-800-564-6368 and visit their website at www.egexterminator.com 

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