BERNARDSVILLE, NJ--Laurie Rush-Masuret is an experienced attorney in practice for over thirty-five years focusing on family law, civil litigation, and construction law. The firm handles construction lien claims, litigation, contract disputes, collection and payment disputes as well as complex family law matters.  

Ms. Rush-Masuret’s firm is a “full-service family law firm” advocating assertively for clients’ rights and protections during family law proceedings including issues of adoption, alimony, time-sharing, child support, divorce, child support modification and enforcement, mediation, and pre-nuptial agreements.

Laurie Rush-Masuret understands the construction business, practicing construction law in all areas of residential and commercial construction as well as handling residential and commercial liens. The firm is highly experienced in handling construction disputes and will advocate for every client’s interests in court proceedings, providing clients with the very best possible outcomes. Ms. Rush-Masuret helps clients avoid and resolve construction disputes including home improvement contracts, contract disputes, construction contract reviews and drafting, and construction lien issues.

Laurie Rush-Masuret will help clients with all types of general civil litigation including business litigation, breach of contract, probate matters, and construction litigation.

Your time is valuable and therefore the firm is committed to resolving your disputes and issues with the highest competency and efficiency. As clients, you will receive individual attention, a more cost-efficient model, and be treated with the utmost integrity and respect, focusing on a resolution of your matter.

Ms. Rush-Masuret possesses the determination, tenacity and skills required to successfully litigate her client’s legal issues. Laurie Rush-Masuret handles every case meticulously, analytically, and uniquely.



Laurie Rush-Masuret. P.A.

75 Claremont Road, Bernardsville, NJ 07924



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