STIRLING, N.J.-- With summertime upon us, bugs and insects seem to be everywhere you look. Humphreys Insect Control is the solution to any of these unwanted bugs and insects! Commercial services for pest control include: supermarkets, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, retail shops, and office buildings. Humphreys Insect Control have customized programs with your business in mind.

Pests can ruin our homes in many different ways. These pests come in many different varieties and arrive at many times of the year. Humphreys Insect Control has developed plans to protect your home for all four seasons. By providing regular treatments throughout the year we can control the pests prior to invasion! Residential home protection plans protect one of your most valuable assets-your home!!! 

Services provided include flexible scheduling, quick response times to problems or questions, regular quality control audits, specialists in a variety of fields, clear communication, elimination and prevention of all pests, pest prevention with structural improvements, professional services and trained technicians, and online service tracking, bill payment, service requests, and account access.

Humphreys Insect Control offers free inspections for customers all over North and Central Jersey. This allows customers to know what problem areas in their home or office exist and what is needed to be done to combat the problems. The inspections are done by well-trained and highly-talented technicians. These technicians go through background checks to ensure that they are safe to work with and can be trusted. When hired, they all get licensed by the state of New Jersey and continue to take education classes so that they know about new products and application methods. These classes help technicians stay sharp and in-the-know about anything pertaining to pest control.

When explaining why Humphreys Insect Control is a step above other pest control businesses, Rick Binner Jr. said, “We are a family business and we are a proud member of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).” Judy added, “An advantage we have is that we have a live person answering the phone during business hours Monday through Saturday. We have a quick turn-around time with a technician coming to your house a day or two after you call. Humphreys Insect Control cares about our customers and our concept is to be “proactive, rather than reactive, in the treatment of client pest control concerns.”

For more information, please visit Humphreys Insect Control website at www.humphreyspest.com 

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